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  1. The Student Affairs Unit is responsible for the overall administration of Students’ guidance, counseling and Students’  Discipline
  2. The unit oversees the day-to-day activities and needs of students such as their socio-cultural and academic development
  3. The unit also coordinates the mobilization of prospective National Youth Corp members of the University.
  4. It oversees the administration of the Hall of Residence, including accommodation of students
  5. It processes all the papers for the Student Disciplinary Committee (SDC)
  6. The Student Affairs Unit Co-ordinates Student Unit activities including Student Representative Council elections, the swearing in-ceremony of elected Students’ Union etc
  7. It organizes and selects ushers for ceremonies such as Convocation and Inaugural Lectures.
  8. It registers clubs and societies and monitors their activities
  9. It is worthy to mention that members of the Student Consultative Council (SCC) comprising executive members of the various Faculty Associations have been put in place to co-ordinate the activities of Students and prepare the ground for the next Student Union election

By far the most demanding of these functions are the SDC and the mobilization of graduates for NYSC

The Students’ Disciplinary Committee is  an  administrative Committee set up by the University Administration to deal with disciplinary cases involving Students from time to time.  The  Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) is the Chairman while the PAR (Student Affairs) services as the Secretary.

As a result of the effectiveness of the SDC, acts of misconduct such as cultism, examination malpractice, sexual harassment, admission irregularities, vandalization of properties, and other related anti-social behaviours  common in some tertiary institutions, have been reduced considerably, if not completely eliminated in this University.

Since the inception of this great University, the NYSC programmes have achieved  laudable improvements.  The Student Affairs Unit takes charge of the NYSC programmes. This Unit compiles and collates students’ personal biodata and other useful information as demanded by the NYSC National Directorate Headquarters, Abuja.  The  Student Affairs activities on the NYSC programmes have been commended by the NYSC Headquarters on several occasions, with letters of commendation, the most recent of which was received  only last month.

From inception, when this Unit started to partake in the NYSC programmes, at least Ninety-five percent (95%) of the mobilized prospective corps members were often mobilized in each of the two Batches of the NYSC mobilization exercises for each year.  For example, the NYSC Directorate Headquarters wrote a letter of Commendations to the University listing her among the Institutions that  performed excellently well in their presentations during the Batch ‘B’ 2006 mobilization exercise.  The letter added that the level of commitment of Unit to partner with NYSC in enthroning a credible, error proof and stress free mobilization process contributed to the overall success of the exercise for the batch.

For the NYSC Batch ‘A’ 2007 mobilization Exercise, a total of Four thousand, three hundred and eighty-eight prospective corps members were mobilized.  Out of this figure, a total of  four thousand, two hundred and seventy three corps members were approved and finally mobilized by the NYSC Directorate Headquarters to participate in the Batch ‘A’ 2007 NYSC programme.

The Student Affairs Unit oversees the disbursement of Bursary Awards to Students by the various States that pay bursary to their Students.

The role of this Unit includes the compilation and collation of names of Students from the various states that give bursary and scholarship awards to their indigenes.  The unit also ensures that adequate correct data of the state indigenes are obtained from the Management Information Services Unit (MIS) of the University.  It ensures that such payment of bursary/scholarship awards is done without any hitch and under conducive conditions.  For example, the Kwara State Scholarship Board commenced the payment of Bursary Awards to its indigenes in the University of Ilorin, on Tuesday, 27th March, 2007.  About five hundred (500) Students of Kwara State origin in the University are to benefit from the Bursary Award for the 2005/2006 Academic Session.


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